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Triad is a men’s group that meets in St. Louis Mo twice a month. We call it “triad” because we are attempting to form one leadership structure by blending 3 gift mixes. Thus, instruction, intimacy and power are sought in every meeting.

Some INSTRUCTION on the elements of God’s methods is pursued each week. We are attempting to construct a synthesis of the truths revealed and discovered throughout 2000 years of church history. In keeping with New Day Monks this includes especially an appreciation of ancient monastic methods in combination with protestant methods stemming from the reformation.

INTIMACY is likewise pursued each meeting. our tools are honesty and transparency. honest with god and transparent to others. no hidden sin. it’s very peaceful to not have to hide things. we administer transparency carefully, being directed by a mature leader. we develop inward honesty with god by spending time in silent prayer. we talk and we listen. we wait and we hear. getting right with god and then walking in the light.

POWER in the Spirit, is sought and released. This includes a reasonable exercise of supernatural gifts and ministries, such as are found in inner healing and deliverance. We want to give God an open door to use his methods in a direct manner.

To say that we are serious is somewhat of an understatement. Desperate would be a better word. Why? Well, we know what we believe and we know Who we believe in and our lives are not measuring up. Our moral life, our ability to hear God, the degree to which we can harvest and disciple, our priorities, our presence and role at our places of employment, our families and our place in Christ’s body all lack, or at least seem to lack, the marks of sonship.

So we are doing something about it. We are disentangling from civilian affairs. This includes, of course, moral formation. “If your right hand causes you to sin cut it off”. That sounds rather serious don’t you think? But it is more than moral formation, it is also spiritual formation. Who am I? Why was I born? Why did Jesus appear to me and bring me to faith? In Christ we have our identity, crucified but also resurrected. We don’t mind being brides, but we are spiritual brides, and spiritual brides are warriors not nursemaids. We have left the breast in search of stronger food.

Spiritual formation is expressed in action, but it is essentially an inward state of being. Do I know God? Can I hear Him? Is He leading me? Am I following Him? Is it just He and I inside me, or is there someone else? When we can answer these questions on the inside then we can be used by Him on the outside.

We invite you to join us. If you live in St. Louis then contact us through the New Day Monks. We post our sessions in a teaching format, and we welcome dialogue with our readers. You can start by clicking on

the Triad Blog site. Those readers who want more background information can click on the Monkipedia site, and can read The Achilles Heel of the Evangelical Church. For those more inclined to learning through story see Blood Wins.


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